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Similarly, one actor could play more than one character with the help of these masks. Still we have some information drawn from depictions on ancient pottery see some Greek mask below.

Each submitted three tragedies, plus a satyr play a comic, burlesque version of a mythological subject. This actor was called the protagonist, from which the modern word protagonist is derived, meaning the main character of a drama.

Common in China, Africa, Oceania, and North America, admonitory masks usually completely cover the features of the wearer.

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One particular theater, built to honor the god Dionysus, was called Epidaurus. Disguise masks were seemingly used in the early Stone Age in stalking prey and later to house the slain animal's spirit in the hope of placating it. The masks had large mouths which were designed to make talking easy for the actors.

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Throughout contemporary Europe and Latin America, masks are associated with folk festivals, especially those generated by seasonal changes or marking the beginning and end of the year. These masks also allowed actors to play characters independent of age and gender, as all the actors in ancient Greek theatre were always men.

A drawing of an ancient theatre.

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No masks are highly stylized and generally characterized. Many masks Greek mask often their form and function are passed down through clans, families, special societies, or from individual to individual.

In the 20th century, with the breaking down of primitive and folk cultures, the mask has increasingly become a decorative object, although it has long been used in art as an ornamental device. Other theories mentioned creation masks that had the internal structure that would work as a resonator, enabling bouncing of sound waves until they exited mask in amplified form, potentially delivering more energy into the performance.

Grimacing menpo, or mask helmets, were used by Japanese samurai. But this evaluation is based on elements very different from those appraised within the mask's own culture. Greek theatres also had tall arched entrances called parodoi or eisodoithrough which actors and chorus members entered and exited the orchestra.

New inventions during the classical period[ edit ] Theater of Dionysus, Athens, Greece. For more important personages, silver and gold were used. The use of theatrical masks in Java is exceptional, since masks, being forbidden under the prohibition of images, are practically unknown in the Islamic world.

The mask was then painted; usually brown to represent a man and white for a woman. Old Comedy was represented by the poets Cratinus and Aristophanes. Others say the mask was invented by a secret African society to escape recognition while punishing marauders.

A paraskenia was a long wall with projecting sides, which may have had doorways for entrances and exits. In fact, some authorities maintain that the masks of the ancient theatre were crude affairs with little aesthetic appeal.

Many colours are used in their painting; plumes and beads are attached, and the sex of the mask is distinguished by its shape: In societies in which masks of supernatural beings have played a significant ceremonial role, it is presumed that the spirit power of the created image usually is strongly felt by the artist.

The orchestra, which had an average diameter of 78 feet, was situated on a flattened terrace at the foot of a hill, the slope of which produced a natural theatron, literally "seeing place".

Comedies and tragedies The two most popular Greek plays were comedies and tragedies. They enabled an actor to appear and reappear in several different roles, thus preventing the audience from identifying the actor to one specific character.

The two masks are now used as the symbol for theater, in memory of its origins in ancient Greece. For example, some masks in Africa, as well as in Oceania and East Asia, have such a grotesque or frightening appearance as to lead one to suspect that they represent evil spirits with an intent to terrorize the spectators; actually they may have the opposite character and function.

Mar 26, Dionysus is not the God behind the mask. The upper story was called the episkenion.

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Though the masks as symbols of theatre and acting, have become popular universally, the story behind their origin is relatively less famous.

Panoramic view of the ancient theatre at Epidaurus. After a lengthy ordeal of teaching and initiation rites, for instance, a youth of the Pende tribe appears in a distinctive colourful mask indicative of his new role as an adult.

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Back To Top Therapeutic Uses Masks have played an important part in magico-religious rites to prevent and to cure disease.

Melpomene too, is the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and was earlier the Muse of Singing before she was cursed by Zeus' wife Hera. Museum und Park Kalkriese, Germany. These were realistic portraits painted in encaustic on wood during a person's lifetime; when the person died, they were attached directly to the facial area on the mummy shroud.The Roman masks, like the Greek masks that they emulated, were used for many reasons: The masks were large and portrayed exaggerated expressions which could be seen from the back of the theatre so the audience could tell how the character was feeling *** The Mask amplified the actor’s voice, making it possible to hear him everywhere in the.

Participants wore masks during certain worship ceremonies and rituals for the Greek God Dionysus. Greek writer Thespis covered his face in white lead during performances. Wearing masks during ceremonies and incorporated white linen masks into his stage performances.

Greek Masks - Ancient Greek Theatre Masks Ancient Greek civilization was responsible for many advances that made our modern civilization possible, but their promotion of many art forms is maybe it’s most recognized and best-remembered feat.

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Our evidence for ancient masks is spotty at best: they were made of materials not durable enough to survive archaeological time, and what images we have are problematic. May 12,  · Not sure this is the right group but the other ones don't fit either.

Besides I like this one. There is a controversy at my wife's high school about form and funtion of the original Greek Masks.

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